Project 11 - Frankenfoot: The Redux

Frankenfoot - The Redux

Louise Clifton & Rachel Blackburn
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
9 ‒ 19 March 2017
165 George Street
Property Partner: Haranda Investments Ltd

Frankenfoot – The Redux was an all-ages series of shoe up-cycling workshops and exhibition in which old and unwanted shoes were bought back to life by re-assembling and re-imagining them. Students were encouraged to create experimental object d'art, producing an unlikely juxtaposition of styles.

The exhibition was playfully inspired by the 1984 film Toxic Avenger. Referencing this theme and giving a second life to shoes destined for the landfill, the artists hoped to create discussion around sustainability and highlight wasteful consumer habits.

This project was a collaboration between Louise Clifton of Shoe School and Dunedin artist Rachel Blackburn (Murdabike, Steep Street).

Events took place:

ADULT WORKSHOPS Friday 10, 17 March; Saturday 11, 18 March; $20 / $18, 10am‒3pm

KIDS WORKSHOPS Sunday 12, 19 March; $10, 10am‒12pm or 2‒4pm

Images: Justin Spiers and Louise Clifton

Kate Schrader