Project 13 - Alive in Berlin

Alive in Berlin

Talking House
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
14 – 17 March 2017
The Underground Market, 177 George Street
Property Partner: Oakwood Properties 

Alive in Berlin was a 50-minute multimedia performance that mixed spoken word poetry, prose and one-person 'dialogues' with projected images and new music compositions. It offered glimpses of autobiographical detail that merged and collided with imagined histories, some whimsical and some much darker.

Writer Jenny Powell has worked with award-winning composer Kerian Varaine, artist and independent film-maker Phoebe MacKenzie, and actor and animateur Simon O'Connor.

Powell, the sole live performer, was supported by a battery of four busy video projectors and six amplifiers, which gave the piece a greater sense of size and complexity than is often the case with conventional solo performance.

The vast space of the venue allowed for dynamic shifts of scale – from tiny, condensed images to expansive projections that filled the entire room. 

Kate Schrader