Project 16 - Unstitched: Fashion Revolution

Unstitched - Local Fashion Revolution

Just Atelier
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
1 ‒ 30 April 2017
23 Princes Street
Property Partner: Haranda Investments

Unstitched – Local Fashion Revolution was a pop-up community sewing and education centre for everyone to explore, create and share ideas about contemporary fashion in a central city space. Unstitched was first piloted with Urban Dream Brokerage in 2016 and returned expanded and further developed for a full month of events and workshops. Aiming to engage with all and open to all ages and experiences, opportunities were offered to see and engage with information on the fashion process.

Dunedin's ethical fashion hub, Just Atelier created this revolutionary fashion experience with resources and information from the international Fashion Revolution.  

Unstitched championed skill-sharing and gave people the chance to get hands-on with the processes involved in creating, personalising and repurposing contemporary fashion.

Events took place on weekdays 10am ‒ 5pm; weekends 11am ‒ 4pm; public holidays 12pm ‒ 4pm, closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader