Project 17 - Sunroom


Trudy Lane
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
16 June ‒ 1 July 2017
23 Princes Street
Property Partner: Haranda Investments

Bringing the sun to a vacant retail space in the middle of the Puaka Matariki Festival and a Dunedin winter, artist Trudy Lane invited you to come stare at Te Rā, the sun – safely! A large projection of the sun from solar telescopes in Dunedin, Dresden, and outer space were beamed in to warm up winter, accompanied by events, shows and public discussions on astrophysics, energy, ecologies, and cosmologies. In a ‘sun exchange’, the live telescope feed was shared between Dunedin and Germany.

Thanks to: Dunedin Astronomical Society, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin City Creative Communities, Bigpipe, NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio, Birmingham Solar-Oscillations Network (BiSON), Otago University, Morgan Oliver, Michael Morley, Sally McIntyre, Nigel Bunn, Alistair Galbraith, Matt de Gennaro, Southern Lights.

Sunroom was supported by GigCity Community Fund through Letting Space’s Urban Dream Brokerage service with funding from Dunedin City Council.

Trudy Lane is an artist, curator and digital media designer whose work has an ecological and social focus. In her art practise she seeks to create inspiring models of encounter between specialised cultures of knowledge. 


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Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader