Project 18 - Romantic Underground

Romantic Underground

Dunedin Youth Orchestra
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
15 September 2017
The Underground Market, 177 George Street
Property Partner: Oakwood Properties

In a unique use of a vacant underground space, as well as popping up on the street, and opening up the workings of an orchestra to a broader audience, Dunedin’s Youth Orchestra played under the streets of Dunedin, and played up to a romantic underground theme.

Audiences could walk around the orchestra as they played and, as part of the underground experience, explore the deep, dark romance of some of the Classical greats and the deranged conceptual soundscape of the future with a premiere of a contemporary orchestral composition by a young New Zealand composer. 

In addition, members of the orchestra – in full Gothic get-up – took their sounds out to the overground, busking in-between open rehearsal and performance. The open rehearsal was from 6pm to 8pm; the concert was at 9pm.

Romantic Underground was supported by the Otago Community Trust and the Southern Victorian Charitable Trust.


Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader