Project 22 - Twelve Days of Costume

Twelve Days of Costume

Carnival of Costume & Jonathan Cweorth
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
16 ‒ 27 October 2017
165 George Street
Property Partner: NKI Trust

In this bringing together in a public space of a range of different representations of Dunedin's culture, a costumed performer from one of Dunedin's many costume groups appeared in a central city window space, engaged in an activity characteristic of that group – a Steampunker constructing an arcane gadget, a Renaissance musician playing the spinet, a Space Marine repairing armour, a Victorian seamstress making a ballgown, a stalwart of the Waitati militia cleaning their gun, or a Morris dancer sewing on some bells. The performers were focused on their task, but anyone could stop and enjoy the spectacle as they passed by on the street outside. 

Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader