Project 34 - Becoming Darkness

Becoming Darkness

Project 34: Becoming Darkness
Esta de Jong, Brendan Jon Philip and Lance Strickland
21 June - 8 July 2019
23 Princes Street
Property Partner: Harada Investments

Bleak Romanticism. A black-heavy aesthetic. A celebration of a mythology outside of the cultural mainstream. Becoming Darkness was an immersive multimedia installation drawing on disciplines of painting, photography, sculpture, video, and sound work. 

Combining the talents of three local artists and numerous collaborators, Becoming Darkness built a shared aesthetic, dark both tonally and thematically. Esta de Jong, Brendan Philip (both past residents of the inimitable and recently closed None Gallery) and Lance Strickland presented a black-heavy aesthetic sensibility to celebrate a lesser-known local mythology – but one with deep roots – proposing that darkness can hold beauty and allure.

With performances from experimental sound performers Mud Death and Grvdggr, and a film night by Rubbish Film Unit, film makers, a series of events added spectacle and a sense of curated carnival. The audience found themselves lured by a cascading fog into a tightly presented, professional quality art show that could be explored like a haunted house. There they were able to sit for photographer and artist Lance Strickland, portraits which were later revealed online and in the space as part of the celebration.

Opening Night 21st June 17:30 pm
Art Work by EDJ + LS + BJP
Portrait bookings Lance Strickland
Live Sound Performances by :
Wolfskull + Mud Death

Matariki Celebration 28 th June 18.00 pm
Photographic Portrait Unveiling by Lance Strickland
Audio Visual presentation by Rubbish Film Unit

Closing Celebration 7th July 16.00 pm
Live Sound Performances by :
L.$.D Fundrai$er + Smith + Grvdggr

With support from Dunedin City Council Creative Communities grants.

Read more about the exhibition here

Images: Esta de Jong

Kate Schrader