Project 30 - The Sorry Shop

The Sorry Shop

The No Show: Site of Disappointment
March 2019 - Dunedin Fringe Festival
299 George Street
Property Partner: Harada Investments

Smack in the middle of the Dunedin retail strip there's a busy shop that has no goods for sale and is always closed. The Sorry Shop. It's one part of the 2019 Dunedin Fringe, No Show 2. The other part is SSDD, yes its the same sh*t different day. 

This year, commencing on Monday 25 April, the No Show Crew painted with reference to an icon of New Zealand art, Colin McCahon, the window of 299 George St. Painting the window with the apology they received from the Nurse Manager of a Community Mental Health team. 

I AM.......profoundly sorry......The apology wrapped around the building. On display in the window in speech balloons was both the context and the reception of the apology.

Themes of discrimination, stigma and human rights is delivered in a package of high art meets low art, as The Sorry Shop is flanked by the No Show Pony.

“A horsey street performance thats one part comedy, one part Shakespeare (think Nick Bottom) and other, horse with no name. Being diagnosed and treated without consent is like being Nick Bottom, you don't know you have the head of an ass. In the area of mental health complaints it’s considered lucky to have a real apology. Yet in the eyes of the official complaint board I'm as credible as a talking horse.”

Recycled from the fringes of a fringey fringed fringeless fringe.

Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader