Project 1 - The Big Wee Book of Dunedin

The Big Wee Book of Dunedin

Malcolm Hayes and Leon Nimmo
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
4 – 23 December 2015
187 George Street
Property Partner: Oakwood Properties

The Big Wee Book of Dunedin worked alongside the Urban Dream Brokerage to create a new interactive cultural experience for the Dunedin community and for Dunedin’s authors.

It was a conglomerate of eclectic literary work that captured the cultural community of Dunedin in one BIG book. The BIG Wee Book of Dunedin was based at 187 George Street, Dunedin and ran for just under a month in December 2015. 

The goal was to have 100 of Dunedin’s published and unpublished authors contribute to the Big Wee Book within this time period. Each author was allocated a two-page spread to contribute an original poem, a short story, illustration, thought, some words of wisdom or lyrics on the topic of Dunedin.

Photography: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader