Project 9 - Citizen Stylist

Citizen Stylist

Margo Barton
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
2 ‒ 4 December 2016
23 Princes Street
Property Partner: Harada Investments Ltd

A space for display, photography, collaboration and experimentation, Citizen Stylist was an experiment in disrupting the fashion designers' purist intentions through public participation: exploring and celebrating disruptions and diversity.  

In Citizen Stylist, traditional purist fashion graduate creative photographs were augmented with second and third opportunities to mix up collections and individual stylists through photography. Designers were invited to submit their clothes for this creative experiment; designers may also have been the stylists. The stylists were in full control of selecting clothes from those available and of the way the clothes were worn, and the stylist could mix the outfits with their own existing clothes.

The stylists were people with an interest in fashion, and people associated with fashion schools internationally. Once dressed, the stylist was photographed by Margo Barton, and the resultant images became part of an ongoing record exhibited online and physically.

Images: Justin Spiers & Margo Barton

Kate Schrader