Project 10 - Planet Obsolescence

Planet Obsolescence

Erica Sklenars & Nikolai Sim
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
8 ‒ 25 February 2017
23 Princes Street

Property Partner: Harada Investment Ltd

Planet Obsolescence was an audio-visual installation allowing the people of Dunedin to become immersed in an interactive sci-fi-esque experience, using ultra-fast broadband alongside radio wave technologies, in a re-imagined afterlife for obsolete technology. 

The Planet Obsolescence installation was built with over 60 discarded LCD monitors and other electronics to create an immersive environment.  Via ultra-fast broadband, the user was a key participant, interacting with ‘stealth screens’ in a zone that was at once performative and isolating. The experience was remarkably magical.

This project was made possible through: GigCity Community Fund / Chorus and Digital Community Trust

An interactive audio-visual installation that reimagined an afterlife for obsolete technology. More information on the artist:

Photography: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader