Project 4 - Siteworks


Ali East / Otago University Dance Students
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
13 – 27 May 2016
Wall Street Mall
Property Partner: Dunedin City Council

Nine energetic dance works took place in and around the Wall Street Mall, including the spectacular glass display box high above the Mall plaza, an empty retail shop, and in spaces found amongst the hectic hustle of Friday night shoppers. These performances were the final works of Otago University Dance students, led by Dance Studies lecturer Ali East.

This student project involved researching the history and uses of the site along with its architectural features, then creating a short choreographic response. For two weeks leading up to the event, shoppers also witnessed the students’ explorations and rehearsals.

For the final performance, the public paused to watch the dancers filling the Mall with an unexpected energy which added surprise to an otherwise normal Friday night’s shopping.

Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader