Project 36 - Time and Tide

David Green with support from the Dunedin School of Art
September 2019
343 George Street
Property Partner: Harada Investments
Images: Justin Spiers

Water is a shapeshifter whose migration knows no boundary. Time and Tide is a celebration of our surrounding waters. Water responds like a lover to the tenor of our touch; it turns away or gathers. Water adorns itself in the gifts we bring, a shapeshifter whose migration knows no boundary. While water lies at the heart of all life, circling Luna counts the beat: pulsing, pushing, spilling, splashing, rolling, gambolling, burbling and gurgling. Ebb and flow add form to the content of our days.

For two weeks, "a love song to Aotearoa's rivers, wetlands, foreshore and seabed" washed through and from a shop front between Hanover and Frederick Streets every evening.

Bringing David’s vision to life, five light projectors will play footage of gentle tidal scenes on to the walls of the space, the colours spilling beyond the shop’s front window and on to the path outside.

Dunedin Dream Brokerage was thrilled to work with David once again, after his fabulous 2017 event: 1954, which worked with fragments of film documenting Queens Elizabeth's visit to Dunedin in order to interrogate historicity, shared social memory, and the roots of culture.

As seen on:
The Big Idea
Otago Polytechnic

Kate Schrader