Project 6 - Echoes


Project 6: Echoes
An Urban Dream Brokerage Project
August 2016
Wall Street Mall
Property Partner: Dunedin City Council 

An installation in a shopping mall allowing the people of Dunedin to become immersed in and contribute to  the echoes of people, time, and place that construct what Dunedin is today, Echoes was a Gigcity commission installation – a space for contemplation, reflection, and a sense of grounding within time and place.

Echoes featured an interactive digital mirror: thousands of images from decades' worth of photographic archives swirled and shuffled to form a reflection of participants; an image of the present was constructed from echoes of the past.

However, the installation was very much a living piece. By uploading images to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #echoesdunedin, people fed back into the pool of archives while their own images appeared within the installation. Joe Dixon, the artist behind the work said “Our hope is that as time passes the balance of the old and new images begins to mingle, creating a bunch of new Echoes connecting us to our past.”

Echoes is also a showcase of the potential of Gigcity and online resources such as the Otago University Hocken Collection, which the imagery in the work is sourced from.

Echoes was created by creative coder Joe Dixon and Storybox, a Wellington creative studio. Thanks to Otago University Library Hocken Collection.

This project was made possible by the 'Chorus and Digital Community Trust'

Images: Justin Spiers

Kate Schrader